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Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa

Country: Poland

City: Czestochowa


Type of school: Public Universities


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Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa is a public university, with its history that traces back to 1971. At present, the University comprises 4 faculties with more than 40 fields of study, with bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees. It offers postgraduate studies & courses and opens new fields of study accommodating the needs raised by employers and sought-after skills most requested on the marketplace. The University community is created by 648 academic staff who provide education to students from different corners of the country and the world.

The Alma Mater…
JDU is the former Higher Teacher Education School, which was transformed into a university. The event, so important for the entire academic community of Częstochowa, was celebrated on 1 October 2004.

The history of our Alma Mater reaches back to the year 1971. Following the decision of the Council of Ministers of the time, a Teacher Training College was established. In 1974 it was transformed into a Higher Teacher Education School. The employees of the University who remember that historical event for Częstochowa and the region stress that establishing a graduate school of humanities was of great importance for the fast-developing city. Many people acknowledge that it was an unprecedented decision, as those days the authorities showed much more favourable attitudes towards technical universities. Graduates in engineering science were in demand by dynamically developing industrial plants of the region. First diplomas for the completion of vocational education and training studies were awarded in 1973. The first Master of Arts and Master of Science diplomas were granted by the School authorities in 1977.

The beginnings of our Alma Mater were quite modest. The College and the early HTES had only 2 faculties: the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Pedagogy.

For the last 50 years, Jan Dlugosz University has been developing rapidly and growing in strength. Now the University comprises 4 faculties: the Faculty of Philology and History, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, the Faculty of Pedagogy, the Faculty of Art, and two inter-faculty teaching units: the Foreign Language Study Centre and the Physical Education and Sport Centre. At present, Jan Dlugosz University offers over 40 fields of study of:
- first cycle programmes (undergraduate studies) with bachelor’s degrees
- second cycle programmes (graduate studies) with master’s degrees, as well as engineer’s degrees
- third cycle (PhD) programmes: in Chemistry, Physics, History, Literary Studies and Linguistics
Moreover, at JDU there are over 60 forms of postgraduate programmes.
The University has the right to confer the postdoctoral degree in History. Proceedings are pending to acquire the right to confer additional certifications in other fields of study.

The strength of the Alma Mater is its staff who work hard on extending and consolidating the achievements of the University. Currently, JDU employs 648 teachers. Among them there are 440 academics and 148 independent ones, of whom 30 are titular (full) professors.

JDU is involved in popularisation of education in its various forms among elderly people. About 650 students - retired members of our community attend different courses of study offered by the University of the Third Age.

Cooperation with foreign academic centres is an important element of recognition and classification of any school. Our Alma Mater has long and extensive tradition in this field. So far, the authorities of JDU have concluded multiple agreements concerning collaboration with different centres of science and research worldwide. The cooperation has resulted in exchange programmes for students and academic staff. The results of the implementation of numerous bilateral agreements and jointly finance research projects are applied in practice by both civil engineering and military industries.

The Main Library is a real treasure of the University. Its collection comprises almost 300 thousand items, i.e. books, science journals, documents and a collection of special titles. The librarians are very active in propagating reading; they organise numerous exhibitions devoted to issues important for the region, history and art.

Academics can publish all the results of their research in Jan Dlugosz University Publishing House, which is recognised not only regionally and nationally, but also on an international scale. Its representatives take part in the most important book-fairs in Poland and Europe. The House provides publications devoted to different fields of study.

JDU boasts a planetarium, a new attraction for students and all the inhabitants of the region of Częstochowa, which is equipped with one of the most technologically advanced projection instruments in the world.

Academic sports develop rapidly. The JDU student athletes compete in sporting events organised by academic centres all over the country and abroad. They are classified among the best sportsmen and sportswomen of all universities in Poland.

Academic authorities of our Alma Mater closely watch the political and social transformations taking place in Poland and in Europe, especially the fast-changing demands of the labour market, which is a crucial factor in tailoring the educational offer of the University. Thus, the academics of JDU introduce new systems of education, and cooperation with foreign educational centres, not only with member states of the European Union, but also with states outside the Union, e.g. in Eastern Europe.

Administration (first-cycle, part-time, second-cycle and extramural)
Analytics and social creativity (first degree, full-time)
National security (first-cycle, part-time, second-cycle and extramural)
Biotechnology (first-cycle, part-time, second-cycle, part-time)
Chemistry (first-cycle, part-time, second-cycle, part-time)
Dietetics (first-cycle, part-time)
Journalism and media culture (first cycle, full-time and part-time)
Artistic education in the field of visual arts (1st degree-stationary, II degree-stationary)
Artistic education in the field of music (1st degree-stationary, II degree-stationary)
Pre-primary and early-school education (first-cycle, part-time)
English Philology (first cycle - full-time and part-time, second-cycle studies, part-time)
Germanic philology (first-cycle, part-time, second-cycle, extramural)
Polish philology (first-cycle and part-time, second-cycle and part-time)
Philosophy (I and II degree, full-time)
Physiotherapy (uniform master's - full-time, part-time)
Physics (1st and 2nd degree-stationary)
Photography and creation of visual communication (I degree-stationary)
Graphics (I degree-stationary, II degree-stationary)
History (first-cycle, part-time, second-cycle, extramural)
Iber science (first-cycle, part-time)
Computer science (first-cycle, part-time)
Innovative technologies and modern materials (first-cycle, part-time) - dual studies
Security engineering (first-cycle, part-time, second-cycle, part-time)
Multimedia engineering (first-cycle, part-time)
German in business (I degree, full-time studies) - dual studies
Cosmetology (first-cycle, part-time)
Forensic science and security systems (first-cycle, part-time)
Cultures in the media and communication (II degree, full-time, part-time)
European cultural studies (first cycle, full-time studies)
Painting (I degree-stationary, II degree-extramural)
Mathematics (first-cycle, part-time)
Music in public space (1st degree - full-time)
Pedagogy (first-cycle, part-time, second-cycle, part-time)
Special Pedagogy (first-cycle, part-time)
Nursing (first-cycle degree)
Political science (first cycle, full-time, part-time, second-cycle, full-time, part-time)
Social work (first-cycle, part-time)
Law (uniform master's degree, full-time, part-time)
Psychoprophylaxis (1st degree-stationary)
Accounting and taxes (first degree, full-time, part-time)
Tourism and recreation (I degree-stationary)
Physical education (first-cycle, part-time, second-cycle, part-time)
Human nutrition and dietetics (second-cycle, part-time)

Our University offers a lot of opportunities to spend time actively, addressed to academic youth. Students have the possibility of practicing sports in one of the Universatsity teams, using the University's excellent housing base, including the Academic Sports Center. The University's structure has more than 20 academic circles, which are a great asset of the University. They present a rich offer to students, which offers many opportunities in this development and self-improvement of already acquired skills. Thanks to international cooperation, young people go to other academic centers. Students who want to develop their vocal and instrumental passions have the opportunity to perform in the choir and to learn how to play the instruments. Young people are eager to help those in need. They organize charity collections, blood collection campaigns and invite famous people. All those who want to try a journalistic adventure also have the opportunity to work on television, edit magazines, publish in academic social media or run one of numerous websites. The crowning achievement of the busy year is Juwenalia. In May, students take over the key from the President of the City of Częstochowa. Then the unusual atmosphere overflows not only the academic campus, but also the entire city.

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Contact details

Address: Waszyngtona 4/8
42 - 200 Częstochowa
telephone: 34 378 41 00

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